Center shock position, more forward or rearward
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Autor:  abram [ Sa 12. Nov 2016, 02:05 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Center shock position, more forward or rearward


May I ask question about center shock position?

I wonder how it change behaviour of car at same track. ETS carpet, high grip,
38lilacs with strip tires.

1st shock position like 10R5, which means shock is more rearward.

2nd shock postion like 10R5.1, which means shock is more forward, like 10-12mm

What will be changed?

I am looking for better setup of my custom chassis


ps: before made parts want to get info, maybe it is not worth?
ps1: my car:
abram_gt10_14937282_1207909215937202_2503632627633975561_n.jpg [ 114.83 KiB | 3108-mal betrachtet ]

simple design, works nice on asphalt, looking for more speed in corner.

ps2: angles and shock compression:
angles-gt10suspension.png [ 8.86 KiB | 3108-mal betrachtet ]

it looks like rear or front position, compression distance is almost same value.

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